Services We Don't Offer

Services Spokhund Does Not Offer

At Spökhund Cleaning Co., we pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional cleaning standards. Our commitment is to offer unparalleled house cleaning services, with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. However, it’s important to clarify certain boundaries. While we greatly value all our clients, there are specific items and tasks we do not undertake, primarily due to liability concerns and to safeguard the well-being of our employees. Setting these expectations helps us maintain our high standards while ensuring the safety and efficiency of our services.

Cleaning Services Not Offered At Spokhund Cleaning

In our pursuit to deliver excellence at Spökhund Cleaning Co., we also recognize the importance of being clear about what we do not offer. While our range of services is comprehensive, there are specific tasks that we must exclude for various reasons, including the safety of our staff and liability concerns. Understanding these exclusions is crucial for maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our clients. To ensure complete clarity and transparency, we have carefully outlined a list of services that are not included in our offerings. This list, detailed below, helps set realistic expectations and allows us to concentrate on providing the high-quality cleaning services that our clients value and rely on.

Spokhund Has The Right To Refuse Any Job Or Service Deemed Too Risky For Its Employees. 

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