Services We Don't Offer

Services Spokhund Does Not Offer

We have a very high standard of clean here at Spökhund Cleaning Co. We strive to provide an unmatched house cleaning service in the Nashville area. With that said, we also want to set some expectations. Although we appreciate any and all business that comes our way, we do have a short list of items we do not clean for either liability reasons or for the safety of our employees.

Spokhund Has The Right To Refuse Any Job Or Service Deemed Too Risky For Its Employees. 

  • Steam cleaning

  • Pet waste/mess

  • Junk Removal and/or hoarding type environment

  • Industrial grade range hoods

  • Wall Cleaning

  • Movement of heavy objects including appliances, TV stands, couches, etc. We will move couches for our deep clean offer if they are on sliders and can be easily moved by one person.

  • Unfinished basements

  • Garages

  • Exterior Windows

  • Anything outside the home including doors, patios, etc.

  • Intricate or delicate lighting fixtures

  • Anything that is out of reach of a step stool. No ladders.