What Are The Signs Of A Bad Cleaning Lady?

As homeowners or facility managers, we all have a common goal of maintaining a clean and tidy space. While many of us prefer to save time by outsourcing this task, choosing the wrong cleaning company can produce disastrous results. Signs of a bad cleaning company include a consistent pattern of tardiness, lack of reliability, untrustworthiness, easily distracted employees, and a lack of respect for personal belongings. In this article, we will delve deeper into these warning signs and offer some tips on how to avoid a bad cleaning company.

Always Late

One of the most prominent signs of a bad cleaning company is habitual tardiness. Late cleaners put your schedule and productivity at risk as they can interfere with your daily routine, and the accumulation of dust and dirt on your surfaces. If your cleaning service is consistently late, disorganized, and lacks consideration for your timeline, you should raise a red flag.


Another red flag is when the cleaning provider is unreliable. Disrespectful employees do not show up as scheduled, cancel appointments, or neglect their duties, leaving unsatisfactory work, and abandoned areas. A good cleaning company should follow a well-planned schedule, be responsive, and deliver quality service in the agreed-upon timeline.

Not Trustworthy

You need a cleaning company that values and respects your property. A bad cleaning service can breach the trust you’ve endowed in them, by stealing from you, mishandling or causing damage to your property. In such cases, it is imperative that you investigate the background and reputation of the company, check their permits or licenses, and read the reviews of the previous clients.

Always Distracted

If your cleaning service spends more time checking their phones, chatting away, or wandering around, then you are not getting the services you paid for. Such behavior indicates that those employees lack the appropriate training, discipline, and monitoring. The result is failed cleaning and a waste of your precious time and money.

Lack of Respect for your Belongings

Besides cleaning your space, trust and respect are crucial factors that should not be taken for granted in any cleaning company. Incompetent employees may use harsh cleaning agents, mishandle or dispose of things that were not meant to be discarded, or pay little attention to delicate surfaces such as electronics or antiques. Such a lack of respect is not only careless, but it also undermines the trust you have invested in the cleaning company..


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