Deep Swedish Cleaning

What Is A Deep Swedish Cleaning Service?

Spökhund Cleaning recommends a deep clean for all new clients to elevate your home to our high standards. This thorough cleaning sets the stage for regular Standard Cleans, ensuring your home is always guest-ready. Ideal for homes not professionally cleaned in over 6 months, our Deep Clean includes meticulous attention to baseboards, light switch plates, door frame spot cleaning, and more. It encompasses everything in our Standard Clean plus additional detailed touchpoints. This service is perfect for creating a pristine environment, whether for unexpected in-law visits or simply maintaining a consistently spotless home.

Whats Included In Our Deep Cleaning Service?

Spökhund Cleaning recommends a deep clean for spaces needing extra care, ideal for homes not professionally cleaned recently. This thorough approach prepares your environment for ongoing standard cleans, ensuring readiness for any occasion. Additionally, our customizable add-ons, available on our residential and commercial pages, enhance your cleaning experience. From intensive carpet care to detailed window washing, these services complement our deep and standard cleans. Explore these options to tailor your Spökhund Cleaning experience, ensuring a spotless, inviting space every time.

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How Often Should You Book A Deep Cleaning

Spökhund Cleaning Co.’s Deep Clean service is essential for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, particularly in active households. For those with a busy, messy lifestyle, or homes that aren’t regularly maintained, a monthly deep clean is recommended. This ensures thorough attention to accumulated dirt, clutter, and hard-to-reach areas. In homes with pets or frequent outdoor activity, regular deep cleans effectively manage pet hair and outdoor debris. Our deep cleaning approach, tailored to each home’s unique needs, guarantees a consistently pristine and inviting environment, aligning with Spökhund’s commitment to excellence in cleanliness.

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Home Cleaning Services

Spökhund Cleaning Co. excels in transforming homes with our Deep Cleaning Services. These thorough sessions go beyond standard care, offering an intensive clean that revitalizes every corner of your home

Office Cleaning Services

Ensuring your office space is not just clean, but deeply sanitized and productive with our deep cleaning services.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Elevate your Airbnb's appeal with Spökhund Cleaning Co.'s Deep Cleaning Services. Our meticulous approach to cleaning ensures a flawless, inviting space, setting the stage for outstanding guest experiences

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Arranging your upcoming deep cleaning service with Spökhund Cleaning Co. is seamless and straightforward, courtesy of our user-friendly online booking platform.

Spökhund Cleaning is recognized for its exceptional deep cleaning services, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. If you’re considering a comprehensive clean or other specialized services, our skilled team is at your disposal. Renowned for their deep cleaning expertise, they’re prepared to meet your specific needs. For more information, contact us at or through our phone line for direct assistance from our cleaning professionals. At Spökhund Cleaning, we prioritize your satisfaction with our thorough, detail-oriented cleaning solutions.

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